A sustainable luxury pyjama brand created with the desire to be loving to your skin and our planet, Charlotte Dunn Design is a labour of love, offering conscious shoppers a relaxing sleepwear wardrobe that elevates bedtime. As seen in Style Magazine, Evening Standard and the Times, Charlotte Dunn Design is committed to ensuring that each item is produced in the most environmentally friendly and ethical way, in order to allow customers to truly sleep easy.

About the Founder

Charlotte always knew that she wanted to work within the fashion world, but the environmental impacts of the industry had held her back. Whilst working at a eco-friendly bridal boutique in London, Charlotte discovered the joys of bamboo silk, which led to the budding entrepreneur creating a pair of pyjamas for herself. She then began working alongside her mother Roberta – together, they have poured care into each pair.

“Pyjamas should be not only be beautiful, but also thoughtfully created, to ensure the gift of a good night’s sleep”


Charlotte Dunn Design works mainly with bamboo material in the form of bamboo “silk”, created in an organic and GOTS-certified factory using closed-loop production. This is then embroidered with 100% organic cotton thread.

The linen used by the brand is made in Belgium, and this is also organic, GOTS-certified, and made with a closed-loop technology.


The brand favours factories that are GOTS-certified, which ensures safe working conditions and assurance against discrimination and child lavour

Where possible, Charlotte visits the factories in London or Italy – where embroidery is done – and Roberta has visited the facility in Belgium. This way, the brand maintains a good relationship and ensures their ethical requirements are met.


All materials  used by the brand are produced using closed-loop systems to ensure pollution to the surrounding environment is minimised. The garments are manufactured in a zero-waste factory in London, where all unusable textile off-cuts are recycled into new materials such as insulation, sports equipment filler and carpet underlay. The factory also uses energy-saving servo motors on all equipment, which equates to 80-90% energy savings compared to a traditional clutch motor.


Biodegradable packaging is used where plastic is necessary, and packaging overall is reduced to the minimum. Products are shipped in recyclable cardboard mail boxes.


Charlotte Dunn Design wants to be the vegan alternative to silk pyjamas. Caring for the environment is of utmost importance to Charlotte – which also includes caring for animals. By working with bamboo “silk”, the brand has been able to offer luxury nightwear with the same high-end, luxurious characteristics as silk, without harming the environment or any animals in the production process.

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