Dasco is a British shoe care and accessory brand built on product innovation and development, carrying a vegan range of footwear cleaning and footwear protection.


Dasco, founded by Freddie Dunkelman, is a British brand owned and distributed by Dunkelman & Son. In the 1960s, Dunkelman expanded their product offering to include a range of polishes, creams, and protectors – this is how the Dasco brand was born. Today the brand is a market leader, selling globally and representing an industry standard for quality and innovation.

“Our company ethos is to keep evolving to bring exciting new and innovative products to our customers, whilst ensuring the quality and traditions that have always been associated with Dasco.”


The company loves to work with brands using materials that are as sustainable as possible – all the items Dasco works with must be 100% vegan. For vegan leathers, the company has a PVC-free policy, and prefers items made using plant-based leathers.


Dasco works with suppliers that can ensure that workers are paid a living wage, are treated fairly and ethically, and work in a safe environment. Transparency across the supply chain is also key to the company.


Sustainability is crucial to the company. They make sure that all the factories they work with are ethically audited, aim to be a net-zero company, and select brands whose processes are as sustainable as they can be.


Dasco's cans are made from recyclable aluminium.


Dasco's vegan range is certified by the Vegan Society.

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