Minimalist sustainable sneaker brand Elliott was founded in Copenhagen. Offering cleanly designed vegan sneakers in recyclable cruelty-free vegan fabrics, Elliott is dedicated to creating a fashionable vegan alternative with a minimum impact on the planet. As seen in Red, Sneaker Magazine, and Vegconomist, Elliott has also been highlighted by PETA and UNFCCC.

About the Founder

Black entrepreneur Sam Carew is on the path to disrupting the footwear industry with his bright ideas. Elliott was founded from a drive to make an environmentally friendly shoe to combat the ongoing battle with climate change and inspire shoppers to make better purchasing choices, offering them a stylish and planet-friendly alternative.

“We know consumers want to see more sustainable materials used in everyday products, and it helps us to give customers the alternative fashionable footwear we set out to do, with less impact on the planet.”


Elliott only works with certified cruelty-free vegan materials, sourced by their expert manufacturers. The brand's shoes are made from vegan leathers and recycled canvases, with laces in recycled cotton.


The brand's manufacturer is verified to have anti-slavery practices and works to prevent any human rights violations. This is a key value to the brand.


Elliott manufacture their vegan trainers in Spain. The highest-quality materials are sourced while embracing sustainable practices, such as choosing raw vegan materials and changing company priorities in favour of environmentally friendly processes. This vegan brand also offsets one metric tonne of C02 emissions per each pair sold.


All cardboard packaging used by Elliott is 100% recycled.


Elliott is committed to only using vegan materials for ethical and environmental reasons.

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