This brand manufactures in the EU. As a result of EU/UK free trade agreements, there are no import duties on delivery to the UK or to any EU country. US customers do not pay any import duties on orders below $800.

With a name that means “respect” in esperanto, Estimon puts ethics at the forefront of its philosophy. This label offers cruelty-free, responsibly made handbags using high-quality materials.


Marta Sieradzka has been passionate about animal rights from a young age and created Estimon to educate consumers and offer a conscious alternative that was stylish, durable, and responsibly made.

“I believe that the production of fashion should not inflict any harm upon animals, but should also be safe for our health. For me, responsible, conscious fashion is all about respect – to the planet, to animals and to ourselves.”


Championing next-generation textiles, Estimon mainly uses plant leather made from corn or wine grapes – resistant yet supple fabrics with a high bio-based content. The brand also works with pineapple leather and cork. The founder is frequently in touch with organisations that monitor the impact of vegan leather on the environment.


Estimon designs are made in Poland, with processes that aim towards a minimal impact on the planet. Ethical production is key for the brand when choosing collaboration partners, and factors they value include using solar power and closed-loop technologies, minimising water waste and limiting emissions. Furthermore, any items that are slightly faulty or prototypes that don't make it into production are still sold with a discount, to minimise waste.


The brand works with a local family-owned manufacturer in the founder's hometown of Warzaw, Poland. The founder ensures that staff isn't overworked and that all workers are paid a living wage.


Estimon uses zero-waste, biodegradable packaging and aims to minimise the amount of packaging it uses.


Estimon is a fully vegan brand, and regularly donates to Polish animal welfare association Zwierzeca Polana.

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