Environmental sustainability is at the heart of everything Ethical Bedding does. This brand believes that sleeping properly every single night is an essential cornerstone of a healthy, successful and happy life – and they are dedicated to offering sustainable bedding that allows their consumers to do just that.

From their raw materials and packaging to their manufacturing methods and processes, Ethical Bedding aims to challenge the perception of how businesses can – and should – operate. Ethical Bedding is B Corp-approved and approved as vegan by the Vegan Society. 1% of their proceeds go to global sustainability initiatives.

About the Founder

After working for years in financial services, James Higgins needed a change – for himself and the world. He used his wealth of experience in business strategy to found Ethical Bedding, a company with environmental sustainability at its heartbeat. His goal was to utilise the most sustainable textiles on the planet to create luxurious bedding. James fearlessly challenges the norm and passionately enables people to see things differently.

He is happiest when problem-solving – anticipating issues and creating new products, systems and methods that generate prosperity beyond his company. He believes that life goes beyond what you can achieve in a day, a week, a year or a lifetime, and his inspiration is to leave the world a better place, whilst inspiring others to do the same. That is why he is championing change in the sustainability space – one bed at a time.

“With fairness and innovation front of mind, our products plant the seed of what is possible.”


Ethical Bedding works with eucalyptus Tencel – a plant-based material made from wood-pulp cellulose that uses no farmable land and is made in a closed-loop process, where water and the very few chemicals used in the process are reused. The brand also works with bamboo and recycled post-consumer plastic bottles.


All workers in the supply chain are paid a living wage.


Ethical Bedding's manufacturing takes place in China, South Africa, and the UK. The company's manufacturing and production sites are as close to their raw material sources as possible. Throughout the entire supply chain through to the customer receiving their order, carbon is calculated and offset. The brand also performs independent audit reports on the sustainability credentials of their products and is constantly looking to innovate.


The brand keeps packaging to a minimum, ensuring that it is decomposable, recyclable and recycled where possible. The company even makes sure that the tape used for their boxes is the cleanest available on the market and is recycled or recyclable.


Ethical Bedding is a vegan brand.

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