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Scandi-chic shoe brand Green Laces is dedicated to creating contemporary designs in vegan materials. The company started as a concept store in Stockholm selling a variety of brands, and developed into a label of its own, featuring a versatile shoe wardrobe for the modern conscious consumer.


Nina Färdig, a vegan since the 90s, has a background in music and communications. Having worked with vegan collections through the Green Laces concept store for over a decade, Nina's knowledge of vegan materials is exceptional – and it is part of what led her to start the Green Laces brand.

'Green Laces was born out of a firm belief that ethics and exploratory style do not contradict each other.' 


Green Laces works with recyclable, PVC-free, Oeko-Tex certified vegan leathers from countries such as Spain. The OnMicro and OnSteam microfibre materials are resistant, chrome-free leather replacements that will stand the test of time.  The brand also uses sustainably sourced rubber soles.


Green Laces works with Ahimsa, a Brazilian manufacturer specialising in vegan shoes. They work closely with the factory and are planning for an Intertek inspection in 2024. The brand also has plans to gather data in order to work towards becoming a net-zero company.


The company monitors their suppliers closely. All workers in their supply chain are paid a living wage.


Green Laces use biodegradable, recycled and recyclable packaging.


Green Laces is a fully vegan brand, certified by PETA.

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