Welcome to Issy London, the contemporary womenswear brand that’s doing faux fur differently.

Founded in early 2021, Issy London was created with the aim to design luxury outerwear for the fun-loving, future-conscious woman. After 20 years supplying some of the high street’s biggest names, Issy's founder felt that it was time to create an exciting, innovative new brand; a seasonless, stylish womenswear collection with sustainability at its core.

“Issy, my daughter, has always been so passionate about the environment, climate change and ‘doing the right thing’, so it felt right to name the brand after her. Issy is the future, and I’m so proud to launch an inspiring, innovative collection with a conscience."

- Shani, Issy London Founder   

Made with heart

Issy London is dedicated to doing all that they can to ensure their designs are planet kind and purse friendly. Each piece has been expertly crafted to be lived in and loved, season after season, with plush, premium sustainable finishes and effortless silhouettes that can be dressed up or styled down to suit your diary. And it doesn’t stop there...

A stylish second life

Not only is their luxe faux fur sumptuously soft and irresistibility cosy, it’s eco-conscious too. Their small but sweet collection is crafted using recycled polyester fibres that began their journey as plastic bottles… dangerous waste that might have gone to landfill or polluted our oceans.

By using recycled polyester, Issy is lowering the demand for new petroleum extraction, reducing their overall carbon footprint and considering the climate. Whilst they might not be perfect, they’re only at the start of their story. And every day they’re one step closer to being 100% sustainable.

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