MODHER creates truly sustainable, plastic-free accessories to love and keep forever. Social and environmental responsibility are at the core of everything the brand does: from sourcing quality materials to working with local artisans and using 100% recyclable packaging, this certified B Corporation takes a thoughtful and ethical approach to luxury.

Gianna Caravello grew up in Italy. She has degrees in industrial design from top universities in Milan, where she learned the core design principles of timelessness and functionality. She then moved to the United States to pursue career opportunities as a product and UX designer. 

Motivated by her concerns about high levels of waste produced by the fashion industry coupled with mindless consumerism, Gianna set out to achieve her vision: a premium line of sustainable handbags. In 2019 she launched MODHER, designed in San Francisco and ethically handcrafted in Tuscany. The brand merges Gianna’s passion for classic Italian design with her commitment to achieve a better, more conscientious method for creating fashion pieces. 

“I founded MODHER with a passion for the beauty and timelessness of Italian design in mind, and an insistence upon a better, more ethical way to create fashion pieces. Now, as a Certified B Corporation, we create handbags that are consciously designed and ethically crafted." 

This conscious brand focuses on natural and biodegradable materials that have the lowest impact on the environment, and that are produced in respect of workers and community. With the aim to create a product that is entirely plastic-free, MODHER avoids synthetic finishes and coatings in all collections.

Where going entirely plastic-free isn't possible, MODHER chooses recycled materials such as recycled PET. The brand is exploring biodegradable nylon thread for their next collection. They have also created designs in Mirum, a plastic-free plant-based leather.

MODHER produces locally in Europe and regularly audits their suppliers to ensure that the employees are provided proper work conditions, and that health and safety procedures are followed. The brand also stands firmly against  any form of child labour, forced labour, or illegal employment.

The brand's manufacturing is done at the core of Tuscany's luxury district, between Florence and Scandicci. The brand works with family-owned workshops with a long tradition of craftsmanship, whoare fully committed to ethical labour. These factories are dedicated to re-using materials, saving Co2 and using green energy.

All MODHER packaging is made with biodegradable, recycled or recyclable materials. The accessories come in gift boxes made with GMO-free, FSC-certified paper containing 40% post-consumer recycled waste and 15% organic residues from agro-industrial waste. The brand tags are made from 100% recycled tree-free cotton-thread T-shirt offcuts - material that normally gets discarded. The branded dust bags are made from organic cotton and all branded packaging is made in Italy.

Crafting a piece that speaks to folks who would prefer not to purchase hide-based leather was a worthy endeavour for MODHER, but only if they could do it right. MIRUM is a high-performance material made of all-natural ingredients, using no plastic – and 100% vegan.

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