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Apple Leather is a sustainable vegan leather made from the waste recovered from the apple juice and compote industry (apple skin and pulp). Originating from Bolzano, in northern Italy, Apple Leather is a wonderful vegan leather that's high performing, with a look and feel very similar to animal leather – but 100% cruelty free, and much more sustainable. A big benefit of using apple waste is that it is a completely renewable resource, which has much lower CO2 impact than purely petroleum-based vegan leathers.

Our apple leather collection includes apple leather bags, apple leather shoes, apple leather backpacks, apple leather accessories and apple leather Apple Watch straps.

A luxurious, sumptuous vegan leather alternative, it's used by many of our brands, including LUXTRA London, Good Guys Don't Wear Leather, Ashoka Paris and Oliver Co London.

For more information about this amazing vegan leather made from apples, read our article Why You Need Apple Leather in Your Wardrobe.

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Firstly, animal leather is frequently not biodegradable because of the chemicals used in the tanning process, and coatings of plastic added for durability. Plant-based vegan leathers like apple leather are partially biodegradable, but they often include small amounts of synthetic materials that aren’t always biodegradable but do make them more durable and water-resistant.

Most apple leather comes from the apple harvest within northern Italy, which repurposes apple waste from the juice industry. Apple leather does not share the problems present in animal-based leather such as workers operating in toxic environments and animals being skinned. It also avoids the devastating environmental impact of cattle rearing.

Apple leather is made from cores, peels, pulp, and leftovers from juice and puree products that would have gone to waste in the food industry. The apple waste is dried and then coated onto a canvas. Some amount of polyurethane is added to bond the materials but is a minor quantity compared to 100% PU vegan leathers.

Apple leather is very durable when cared for properly. A unique bond of apple leather coming from the food waste industry and polyurethane makes it incredibly long-lasting.

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