Cruelty-free handbag label My Vegan Bags proposes a versatile range of high-tech backpacks and shoulder bags in recycled materials, as well as sustainably made cork leather.


Manuela Vilas Boas has a background related to animal behaviour, as well as working with brands that create animal accessories. An avid traveller, Manuela was inspired to create a brand that serves the purpose of each traveller, while working with sustainable materials.

“We are on a mission to revolutionise the fashion industry with our high-quality vegan bags. We take pride in our meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail.”


My Vegan Bags works with cork and recycled plastics such as R-PET, as well as  water-based polyurethane.


All of the brand's accessories are made in Portugal and Spain.


The company ensures that local labour laws are followed and pays its workers a living wage.


My Vegan Bags is a PETA-Approved Vegan company.


The bags are packaged in TNT fabric (a non-woven viscose-blend material) and shipped to customers in a paper box. Packaging is kept to a minimum.

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