As a team of three different individuals who met at Uni and shared this one goal, Nuoceans's founders got on this journey to make a difference - and transforming discarded flip-flops into unique sandals was only their starting point...

They were on a beach vacation in Asia, soaking up the sun and having a good time. But amidst the paradise, a harsh reality hit them soon: Flip-flops! Everywhere they looked, miles of discarded flip-flops, as common as seashells. 3 billion of flip-flops are produced every year and the worst thing? Most of them are made from virgin plastic and thrown away after only a short holiday fling with their owner...

That's when everything turned around for them; As a team of young students, they drew up a blueprint for a change. From rescued footwear to recycled one, we thought - let’s literally take the first step in tackling ocean pollution in a nu way: let’s create something awesome!

And so... Nuoceans was born. The brainchild of our determined minds!

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