Oliver Co. is a London-based brand with a mission to create the most sustainable men’s and women’s accessories on the planet, without compromising look or functionality. Their contemporary collection of vegan accessories are each ethically handcrafted using innovative low-impact materials.

The company was started in 2017 by Matt Oliver, a product designer who – having studied sustainable design and previously worked in high-end watch design – wanted to apply both of his skills to create a sustainable brand with the same level of detail and craftsmanship.


One of the main materials they use is an Italian fabric called apple leather, made from apple waste from the fruit juice and compote industry. The apple by-product comes from Bolzano in northern Italy, one of the world’s largest apple-producing regions. This premium vegan leather up-cycles the unused apples, which considerably reduces the CO2 impact of the fabric compared with other regular or faux leather alternatives. 

Their wood leather, produced in Karlsruhe, Germany, is made using thin sheets of real wood that are cut with micro laser etchings, which allow the product to be sewn transformed and assembled like leather. The characteristic grain of the wood makes each product unique and, due its nature, robust and long lasting. All the wood used icomes from FSC® approved forests that guarantees the traceability and origin of the wood.

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Cupro is a “regenerated cellulose” fabric made from cotton waste. It is made using the silky cotton fibres, known as cotton linter, that stick out of the cotton seed and that are too small to spin. It is biodegradable as well as easily recycled, since it’s made from 100% plant-based materials. The Cupro used is made from Bemberg™ fibres and is purchased from a small supplier in China.

All the cotton used in their products is GOTs certified organic cotton. The certification assures you that the fibres from which the fabrics are made were grown organically, without using insecticides or pesticides.

By using recycled polyester, Oliver Co limits their dependence on raw materials and reduces CO2 emissions by up to 59% compare to Virgin polyester.

Production Partners

The factory owners in Romania, Victor and Simo, have created a team that push the boundaries of accessory design. They encourage factory visits to maintain a close relationship, an aspect of design that unquestionably leads to great product. They look after their workers. They consider the projects they take on, ensuring that the workers are motivated and engaged with their work, and take pride in the products they produce.

Oliver Co. are part of 1% for the planet – a global organisation that helps them to give back 1% of their annual sales – every year, forever.

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