Offering chic watches made with extreme care for the planet and everything that lives on it, The Sustainable Watch Company approaches ethical product with a new angle: upcycling. Their products are made from recycled wood furniture, and the line is entirely vegan. Under the motto “why not buy Mother Nature some time?” the brand plants 10 trees for every order and offsets their carbon emissions by 250kg for every order.


Richard Cawkill has always been interested in entrepreneurship, and aimed to build a brand that genuinely cares and makes a difference.

“Our brand is built with the power of sustainable substitutes at its heart. I believe that most people genuinely want to live a more sustainable life and it is our duty as businesses both big and small to enable that. Sustainable substitutes, like our range of handmade wooden timepieces, crafted from recycled furniture, are key in allowing consumers to access a more sustainable lifestyle.”


The Sustainable Watch Company uses recycled wood furniture to craft their innovative products.


All workers in the company's supply chain are paid a living wage – up to 2.5 times higher than basic salary. 


The brand's production is moving towards net zero, with the next step being to become climate-positive. The partner facility used by the company is accredited to EU standards by CE and RoHS, and the facilities are regularly vetted.


All packaging used by the brand is recycled and recyclable.


The Sustainable Watch Company is a vegan brand.

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