Fresh Kicks: The Right-Now Guide To Vegan Sneakers

There are some evergreens of fashion that never really go out of style. Instead, these classics continue evolving with new twists on existing designs, bringing freshness to every season. One such evergreen is the sneaker, which have never really disappeared from the fashion horizon. Vegan sneakers have taken fashion by storm in the last few seasons, with some of the biggest sneaker brands creating vegan versions of their iconic styles. If you're looking to add vegan sneakers to your wardrobe, you've never been more in luck - there is an abundance of amazing cruelty-free materials, interpreted in designs that will bring a new vibe to your wardrobe. Here are some of our favourites of the season.

By Sascha Camilli: writer, speaker, activist, and vegan fashion expert. 

R-Kind Unisex Vegan Leather Trainer Neptune Blue

Ration.L R-Kind Unisex Vegan Leather Trainer Neptune Blue

These baby blues will pair beautifully with denim, but can also be matched with a floral dress. Ration-L focuses on longevity, ensuring that each design will stand the test of time. Bonus: these sneakers are made with non-toxic, solvent-free materials and lined with organic cotton. 

V.GAN Chia Recycled Cotton Vegan Lo-Top Sneaker

V.GAN Chia Recycled Cotton Vegan Lo Top Trainers White

This brand incorporates fibres such as recycled canvas, organic cotton, and water-based glues into their planet-conscious styles. This clean, classic white sneaker will add crisp freshness to jeans and a white tee.

Clove Unisex Vegan Apple Leather Trainers NAE

NAE Vegan Clove Unisex Vegan Apple Leather Trainers

Apple leather is kinder to the environment than animal skins, not to mention that no animals had to suffer and die for this leather, which is made from dehydrated apple waste. These sleek low-tops make a great team with a sleek black jumpsuit or maxi dress.

Beta B1 Vegan Trainers Zeta Shoes

Zeta Shoes Beta B1 Vegan Trainers Orange

Spring and summer are the best seasons for adding a pop of zesty colour to your outfits, and orange truly is a mood-elevating hue. Zeta Shoes uses recycled and recyclable materials - this design is made from pesticide-free cereals and corn, and lined with recycled cotton.

Minuit Sur Terre Jules Unisex Vegan Recycled Grain Trainers Overseas

Minuit Sur Terre Jules Recycled Unisex Vegan Trainers Overseas

Once again, conscious materials feature in this sea wave-inspired stye: this sneaker is crafted from eco-friendly cereal fibre, with a recycled rubber sole. Wear with your favourite summer dress and watch the compliments roll in. 

Elliott Climate Positive Recycled Canvas Trainer White/Green

Elliott Climate Positive Recycled Canvas Trainer White/Green

Sleek and understated, these fresh white sneakers will add relaxed polish to everything from a summer suit to denim dungarees. Using recycled canvas, Elliott always aims to minimise the environmental impact of its products.

Corail Line 0- Recycled Vegan Trainers Black

Corail Line 90 Unisex Recycled Vegan Trainers Black

Corail makes sneakers with a story - they employ fishermen in Marseille to collect plastic waste from the sea, which the brand transforms into yarns to make their designs. This low-top sneaker will be the perfect companion for wide-leg jeans and a band t-shirt.

Norm 1L13-01 Seaqual Recycled Yarn Vegan Trainer in Jupiter

Norm 1L13-01 SEAQUAL® Recycled Yarn Vegan Trainer Jupiter

Incorporating 80% recycled materials and plastic pollution from the ocean, this design is a planet hero - but also a style superstar. Recycled yarns are spun into a high-quality material that will provide longevity, while pairing effortlessly with your summer wardrobe.

By Sascha Camilli

About Sascha

Sascha Camilli is a vegan fashion writer, speaker and activist. Her book Vegan Style is out now on Murdoch Books. For more about Sascha, you can read our interview with her or listen to her podcast Catwalk Rebel. You can also follow her on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Cover image by Zeta

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