How World Animal Protection Works to End Suffering

Every day, billions of animals are experiencing unbearable cruelty. Our founding team have been long time supporters of World Animal Protection, an incredible organisation that tackles the root causes of animal suffering so that we can all make the biggest difference to their lives.

Their mission is to change the way the world works to end animal cruelty and suffering. Forever. And for over 70 years they have helped raise the profile of animal welfare on a global scale, making significant improvements in the way farmed and wild animals are treated.

Which is why this Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend, we're delighted to donate all our profits from our sales to World Animal Protection.

It's the season of giving – and if you're thinking of contributing a charitable donation to a good cause this year, consider donating to an organisation that protects the rights of some of the most vulnerable beings: animals. In our society, animals are often viewed as commodities and, in the variety of industries that use them, their well-being takes a backseat as profit becomes the priority.

Organisations like World Animal Protection work to change that through their targeted campaigns to end factory farming, as well as raise awareness about the ways that animals suffer for different trades that include wildlife. Their campaigns to educate the public and influence decision-makers have led to a variety of successes, including companies cutting ties with animal-abusing practices, abusive facilities shutting down, and welfare standards improving.

Factory farming, which kills billions of animals, is at the top of the organisation's agenda. In their fight to end it for good, World Animal Protection focuses on increasing public awareness of the horrific cruelty that goes on every day at factory farms, and providing evidence-led, practical solutions of sustainable agricultural practices that don't include factory farms. World Animal Protection also works to influence trade agreements and lobby UN organisations. “This will all help us to build a better future for farm animals and move the world to protect animals,” says the group's Community and Partnerships Fundraising Manager Jane Rockliffe. For individuals who want to help, she has some advice: “Sign up to our No Future for Factory Farming campaign today, and call on political, industry and financial leaders to implement our five-step plan to end factory farming.”

 Of course, what we do as individuals on an everyday basis also matters, which is why Jane also advises all animal lovers to “Take our Say Yes to Less challenge and be part of the shift our world must make – to a radical reduction in global meat consumption.”

But fighting the meat industry isn't the only area that matters to World Animal Protection. The organisation has been key in combating cruelty to animals in the entertainment industries. Jane recalls one of their key victories: “A cruel UK wildlife market at Doncaster Racecourse closed in June 2022, after a two-year campaign and 75,000 people signing a petition highlighting severe animal welfare concerns including ball pythons crammed in Tupperware and takeaway boxes.”

Many people enjoy swimming with dolphins, without realising that these animals suffer immensely in captivity, affected by great stress and diseases that result from it. This is why World Animal Protection is calling for captive dolphin shows to end – and they are often successful in doing so. Last year, the group celebrated a big victory when the Expedia group announced that it will end the sale and promotion of captive dolphin shows and venues. This means that many fewer animals will be kept in stressful, depressing conditions in captivity, often developing mental-health issues as a result. World Animal Protection's Wildlife

Campaign Manager Katheryn Wise said: “This is amazing news and something we have been campaigning for since 2019. Over 350,000 supporters joined us in signing petitions, raising awareness online and hitting the streets to ask Expedia Group to make this change and we are so pleased that they have listened. Through sales and promotion, travel companies play a huge role in driving captive dolphin entertainment and as one of the largest travel companies in the world we are delighted that Expedia Group are making a stand. It’s time for other travel giants like TUI to do the right thing and follow suit.” 

Jane's best advice for people who want to get involved with World Animal Protection's work to help make a difference includes Christmas shopping in the group's online store, where gift-givers can find a variety of animal-themed Christmas cards and other gifts that help support the organisation's work. Aside from the Christmas shop, animal lovers can also peruse the regular offering, which includes tote bags and hoodies.

People who wish to help can also leave a legacy gift to the organisation in their will, or simply send a donation, which, as many people know, is the easiest and most effective way to support a charitable organisation. So this year, if you want (and are able to) give back, consider donating to animals in need. Thanks to the tireless work of campaigners, progress is happening constantly – but millions of animals still desperately need our help.

All photos courtesy of World Animal Protection

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