Carmona Collection is a Mexican footwear brand founded by three sisters in León, Guanajuato, where making shoes is a traditional craft. Carmona Collection is an innovative and responsible brand with the strength and wit of three generations. They focus on environmental responsibility by using a highly sustainable cactus leather in the creation of all their shoes.  

This brand celebrates local Mexican production and design, so all the materials they use for handcrafting each pair of shoes are produced in Mexico. Their shoes are handmade with great care by expert artisans, while Carmona takes care of them.


Cactus leather is an innovative OEKO-TEX certified organic vegan leather, developed and produced in sustainable farms in Mexico from the native nopal cactus. It's a really exciting new vegan leather as it feels and looks incredibly high end and luxurious, but it's also really durable and hard-wearing, meaning your investment will last a very long time!

It offers high resistance to abrasion, rubbing and tearing, plus – whilst animal leather doesn't deal well with water or humidity and can rot or crack – cactus leather doesn't do this. It's also soft and breathable, and can be easily worked to produce beautiful vegan leather bags and shoes.

As an organic plant-based material with low carbon emissions, use of energy and water, it's an incredibly environmentally friendly vegan leather too. 


Shoes are stitched by expert shoe artisans from the San Juan de Otates community, where the sisters' grandfather was born, which is located on the shores of León Guanajuato. The HG Lockstitch Workshop is the first one in the community that offers work benefits and legal protection. The workers ear at least double the minimum Mexican wage. 

The brand also makes sure that their suppliers have similar values, which is why we only work with socially responsible companies in their supply chain.