A footwear brand with a difference: Mexican vegan label Carmona Collection was born in León Guanajuato, where shoemaking is a revered craft. This vegan brand unites this tradition with environmental responsibility through their material choices – and elevates sustainable fashion with the strength and wit of three generations.


The brand was founded by three sisters, who have backgrounds in the mainstream fashion trade. Carmona is the last name of their grandmother, who taught them to sew. She also impressed upon the sisters the value of hard work, which they have channelled into their contribution to a better world, and a kinder fashion industry.

“We worked in the shoe industry for three years before launching our own brand - we saw all the problems of fast-fashion shoe production first hand, so when we visualised our brand, we knew we were going to make it responsible.”


Cactus leather Desserto is the main material in Carmona's beautiful vegan shoes and vegan boots – it grows locally in Mexico and is one of the most planet-friendly vegan leathers on the market.


The people who sew and assemble Carmona's vegan designs are expert shoe artisans from the San Juan de Otates community in León Guanajuato, where the sisters' grandfather was born.


The brand celebrates local design, partnering only with suppliers who are recognised as eco-friendly and socially responsible.


Every pair of Carmona vegan shoes are comes in boxes made from recycled cardboard. All packaging and labels are plastic-free.


To promote veganism and sustainability, Carmona Collection chooses animal-free, sustainable fabrics.

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