ESLLA uses ethically sourced vegan materials to craft high-fashion handbags, inspired by nature and in harmony with our planet. Using quality vegan leathers and organic materials, ESLLA offersa savvy solution to both fast fashion and the damaging leather industry. The name ESLLA stands for Ethically Sourced Luxury Leather Alternatives – and that is exactly what this brand offers with its timeless, eye-catching designs.


Long-time friends Charlotte Wienckoski and Leigh Dorough wanted to build a brand based on conscious luxury without compromising on quality or design. With an extensive background in the electronics and e-commerce industries, Charlotte Wienckoski has always had a strong business acumen. She constantly looked for ways to give back and make the world a better place for her children and grandchildren. Leigh Dorough has worked as a producer for commercials, film and television. As a web developer, Leigh worked with the Backstreet Boys – this is how she met her husband, singer Howie Dorough, who shares the brand's ethos and is now a partner in ESLLA. ​

“Beautiful from the inside out, ESLLA handbags instantly elevate any look, while helping make our planet kinder.”


ESLLA works with cactus leather, created by Mexican company Desserto. This material is made from the nopal cactus, which grows locally in Mexico and requires very little water. As a natural carbon sink, cactus sequesters CO2 from the atmosphere. From the 14 acres used by ESLLA, 8100 tons of CO2 are absorbed every year.

The brand is also beginning to work with Mirum, a plastic-free, recyclable vegan leather developed by Natural Fiber Welding.


ESLLA's bags are made in the vegan and sustainably minded factory Veshin in China, where their designs are manufactured before being shipped to their facilities in Florida. The brand carefully selects their supply chain, making sure that their partners adhere to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.


All workers are paid a living wage – the company ensures transparent working structures and conducts regular audits and on-site inspections to monitor conditions.


The brand uses recycled packaging where possible, including recycled paper and plastic. ESLLA also works with compostable packaging.


ESLLA is a vegan brand and can trace its materials and components to ensure no animal-derived substances are used.

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