Lovorika is an ethical fragrance brand rooted in natural perfumery and aromatherapy. By embracing ancient wisdom, old-world alchemy and new-world vegan sustainable luxury, the company creates fragrances that blend organic aromatherapy with the luxury of hand-crafted perfumery. Lovorika has been awarded ‘Most Ethical Fragrance Brand’ by the Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards 2022; and called ‘the scent of the future’ by Be Kind magazine.


Co-Founder Daphna Rowe is a perfumer with an MSc in Political Psychology, certified in aromatherapy and a student of the ancient art of natural perfumery and incense-making. She has worked with Baroness Bennett, who has raised questions in the House of Lords on Lovorika’s behalf regarding the lack of transparency on fragrance labels.

Co-Founder and Creative Director Jason Rowe, is the mastermind behind Lovorika’s Art Deco-Nouveau design. He is also a singer, songwriter, producer and DJ. He has worked with Tommy Hilfiger and has modelled for Gucci.

“Our dog was the reason we decided to be a vegan brand and live a vegan, conscious lifestyle. We’d never harm her, so why harm any other animal?” 


Lovorika uses the highest-grade essential oils, absolutes, resins, CO2s, and natural isolates sustainably sourced globally. Any sandalwood used by the brand is sourced from Vanuatu, an island in the South Pacific, where local families harvest the trees. This is sustainable, benefits the locals, and carries a rich aroma without the use of Indian sandalwood, which is vulnerable due to over-exploitation. Lovorika also uses frankincense from a Somalian cooperative project committed to granting small, local stakeholders both access and control of the frankincense market. which otherwise would be in the hands of large corporations.


This small company ensures that sourcing of the ingredients is done through other small, ethically minded companies that can keep a close watch on their supply chain.


All production takes place in the company's Margate-based apothecary.


Lovorika uses planet-friendly, biodegradable packaging. The brand commonly reuses boxes which they received wholesale orders in.


Lovorika is a vegan brand – all products are free from animal-derived ingredients.

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