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Melina Bucher is a vegan bag and accessory brand that believes in a sustainable, cruelty-free future of fashion, going on a mission is to promote a new way of enjoying luxury and a modern, innovative approach to fashion.

Committed to a transparent supply chain and reducing their impact on the planet and its inhabitants, Melina Bucher  wants a fashion world that's a cruelty-free, more place. 

The characteristic element of the brand's collection are the signature animal prints inside each handbag. Self-confidence, empowerment, environmental integrity – Melina Bucher bags embody values of modern women and inspire them to express their beliefs.

About the Founder

Melina Bucher always had a special connection with high-end fashion, but researching the conditions behind fashion production, she discovered that fashion had a huge impact on humans, animals and the environment. Melina found herself wondering if these practices were in line with her understanding of value and quality and the simple answer was no.

So in 2018 she started a brand with a mission to combine things that for a long time had seemed to be contradictions: ethics and luxury, sustainability and aesthetics, smart functions and design. Besides running the brand, Melina teaches sustainable fashion management at universities in Heidelberg and Reutlingen and also acts as a mentor at a textile accelerator in Germany, educating the new generation of fashion professionals on sustainable business practices.

“We redefine luxury – one bag at a time.”


Melina Bucher specialises in innovative materials that outperform animal skins. Their high-performance textile of choice is a cotton fabric backed with a thin PU and vinyl layer – a luxuriously soft yet durable material. For linings and accessories, the brand uses organic cotton. The brand is actively involved in material development and aims to produce their bags in a circular process, using fully plant-based leather.


The brand only works with manufacturers within Europe who are committed to EU guidelines, including their European, family-owned factories.


Melina Bucher is in constant communication with their manufacturers to further lessen the environmental impact of their designs. The brand's organic cotton prints are made in specialised digital laboratories with animal-free, plant-based colour dyes. Digital printing ensures that only the needed quantities are imprinted, minimising ink usage and textile waste.

Starting from 2021, the label designs their collection and manufactures their prototypes solely in 3D, a process that allows them to minimise transport, CO2 emissions and, once again, textile waste.

All production of organic cotton for the label, as well as fabric dyeing and vegan leather manufacturing, sewing and finishing takes place in the Istanbul area, whereas the handbags are hand-crafted in Europe.


Melina Bucher accessories come in boxes made from recycled paper and wrapped in paper-based tape with vegan glue. Postcards and business cards used by the brand are produced locally in Germany, from vegan-certified, recycled materials. The brand's printing partner is a zero-emissions facility that uses waste heat from the printing process, as well as solar energy, to avoid pollution. Whenever you purchase a Melina Bucher product, it is sent to you with CO2-neutral shipping, by offsetting emissions.


Melina herself has been passionate about animal welfare for a long time, always bothered by the fact that most designer bags are made of animal leather. Reducing animal suffering was the very reason Melina Bucher founded her brand – so no compromises are made in this regard. Not only the are the designs vegan, but also printing materials, paper and furniture in the brand's headquarters is all vegan-friendly.

The PETA-Approved Vegan label also supports animal welfare projects by donating a portion of their profits. In March 2021, Melina Bucher launched the CATLOVER charity collection to support animal shelters during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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