SAOLA shoes was created to offer a new solution regarding sustainable shoes, and they innovate for a more sustainable future.

Each year, over 25 billion pairs of shoes are made around the world, making footwear a major contributor to the textile industry’s status of world’s second largest polluter. 70% of the carbon footprint of a pair of shoes comes from the materials and production.

That's why SAOLA focus their efforts on utilising recycled and bio-based materials including recycled plastic bottles (PET), organic cotton for their laces, algae foams for the shoes’ outsoles, and cork for the insoles.

To produce their algae foams, Saola has partnered up with Bloom Foam, who remove harmful algae from the water and convert it into powder. It's then mixed with EVA, a rubber-like material, and turned into algae foam.

Plus, 1% of SAOLA sales are donated to wildlife conservation projects, so that in another 40 years, our planet’s animals aren’t a thing of the past.

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