This brand manufactures in the EU. As a result of EU/UK free trade agreements, there are no import duties on delivery to the UK or to any EU country. US customers do not pay any import duties on orders below $800.

Urbànima is a Spanish slow-fashion brand from València, passionately dedicated to designing and manufacturing 100% vegan footwear for women, made in Spain with the highest degree of quality and sustainability. With a special fondness for pumps, the brand carefully designs their collections down to the last detail, with their customers' comfort in mind.

About the Founder

CEO and founder Maite Navarrete has 15 years of experience in sales, logistics, supply chain and finance. In a moment when she decided to give her life a complete turnaround, she set out to create a project that was meaningful to people. Her aim was to normalise sustainable consumption – which is how Urbànima was born.

“The name Urbànima is composed by the words urbà (urban) and ànima (soul) – we are urban and soulful, because one can love the dynamism of city life and still want a better world, because it isn't necessary to give up fashion to live sustainably, and because you can wear urban footwear in a responsible way.”


The brand uses recycled PET, recycled polyurethane compounds, FSC-certified cardboard, and other recycled materials. The brand also uses some virgin materials such as PU and polyester.


All workers in the brand's supply chain are paid a living wage.


The company produces locally in Spain and regularly visits the factories to ensure safe and ethical working conditions.


Urbànima's shoes come in 75% recycled, FSC-certified cardboard shoe boxes, with a self-assembly format that makes adhesives unnecessary. The company works with water-based ink made with organic pigments. The paper used to allow the shoes to keep their shape is 90% recycled, and all of the brand's tissue paper is 100% recycled.

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