Based in rural Somerset, Julia Thompson jewellery embraces living on the wild side allowing her idyllic surroundings to inspire much of her ethical jewellery design which is unusual, bold, and full of narrative.  Julia uses traditional hand fabrication techniques working in recycled sterling silver and Fairtrade Gold.  She incorporates a unique selection of hand-picked gemstones in her designer collections, some completely one of a kind, making each piece bespoke and individual for those free spirits who love positive luxury.

“It is my passion to create awareness through my art jewellery whilst adorning you with a story that empowers you to truly express yourself in a fabulously positive and luxurious way”

Sustainability and working towards a transparent supply chain are core values within the business. Being able to offer you peace of mind and a complete story of where your piece of jewellery has originated from is of utmost importance. You can enjoy wearing Julia Thompson jewellery knowing that you are helping others and the natural environment.

Fairtrade Gold

As a Fairtrade Registered Jeweller and soon to be Licensee, Julia primarily works with Sotrami mined gold from Peru that is Fairtrade certified.

  • Fairtrade Gold offers a lifeline to small scale artisanal gold miners, their families and communities.
  • Fairtrade closes the door on exploitation by providing strict standards on working conditions, women’s rights, child labour and environment management.
  • Fairtrade cuts out the middleman so that the miners can afford to develop their businesses and invest into their communities.

Recycled Silver

Julia Thompson jewellery works with 925 assay quality recycled sterling silver supplied by British bullion and casting companies. Both these companies can guarantee the provenance of their sterling silver and that it is indeed recycled.

They also recycle all precious metal scrap in house to help minimise waste and the need for more direct mining.

To discover more like this, visit our sustainable and ethical jewellery collections.

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