Svala was created by Helga Douglas as she was unable to find the animal-friendly accessories that she was looking for. Svala is inspired by Helga’s love of animals and nature, her affinity for the relaxed, colourful feel of Sydney and LA, and the simplicity of Scandinavian design.

Their vegan bags are handcrafted in LA with premium, innovative, PVC-free fabrics such as luxurious, Italian PU (polyurethane), Piñatex® (made from pineapple leaf fibre) and cork. Each bag is lined with fabric made from organic cotton and recycled polyester made with plastic bottles; and they manufacture in local downtown LA, in factories where they can ensure their artisan workers are paid and treated well.

Svala means swallow in Icelandic (where Helga’s mother is from) and the swallow bird is a symbol of love, freedom and hope in many cultures – everything that Helga wanted her brand to stand for.

Svala was a 2019 nominee for the Eluxe Magazine Sustainable Luxury Awards. They donate 10% of profits to various animal and environment related charities and they also participate in a carbon offset program.

They are a PETA-approved brand.

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