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Taking vegan luxury handbags to new heights, this innovative handbag brand launched in Paris' 16th arrondissement during the first COVID-19 lockdown in March 2020.  The names of the three “sister” bags of the collection – Florine, Faustine and Flore – refer to the “Three Graces” of Greek mythology: they embody charm, beauty and human creativity.

The name Thalie perfectly reflects the brand's commitment to sustainability and design: in ancient Greek, “Thaleia” means "the flourishing", standing for the blossoming revival of nature.

About the Founder

Having studied haute couture design as well as business management, designer Nathalie Dionne has worked in Los Angeles, Shanghai and Paris for over 15 years. Her design work has been featured in VOGUE, ELLE, GLAMOUR, Grazia and Harper's Bazaar, to name a few. With her brand Thalie, she wanted to unite Parisian elegance with sustainability, experimenting with biomaterials and innovative textiles.

“Reinventing the codes of the new bourgeoise and completely eco-concious from the design to the distribution, Thalie is modern, luxurious and accessible – the perfect combination of textile innovation and sustainability.”


Thalie's first collection is made with Desserto, a high quality vegan leather made from cactus fibres. Cactus leather is an innovative OEKO-TEX certified organic vegan material, developed and produced on sustainable farms in Mexico, deriving from the locally native nopal cactus. With a look and feel that rivals animal leather, Desserto is highly durable and hard-wearing. It offers high resistance to abrasion, rubbing and tearing.

Plus, whilst animal leather doesn't deal well with water or humidity and can rot or crack, cactus leather doesn't. It's also soft and breathable, and can be easily worked to produce beautiful vegan leather bags and shoes. As an organic plant-based material with low carbon emissions and limited use of energy and water, it's also kind to the environment.


Thalie audits all their factories to ensure they are in compliance with the highest-standard regulations when it comes to fair working labour, minimum wages, safe environment and good working conditions.


All Thalie bags are manufactured in Europe. The design and patterns are created in Thalie's atelier in Paris, and the cactus leather is sourced from Mexico, to then be manufactured into bags in Portugal. The long-term goal of the brand is to work only with factories that are committed to the highest standards of environmental sustainability and ensuring a low carbon footprint.


Thalie's bags are packaged in the organic cotton dust bags and shipped in boxes made of recycled cardboard. 


Thalie is a PETA-Approved Vegan brand.

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