This brand manufactures in the EU. As a result of EU/UK free trade agreements, there are no import duties on delivery to the UK or to any EU country.

Born from a desire to challenge an industry built on harmful and damaging materials and human exploitation, Zeta offers a collection of sneakers made from recycled, vegan and recyclable materials, with a focus on transparency. Respecting animals, humans and the planet are key tenets of the brand, and collaborating with partners who share these values is crucial to the brand. The company also donates to various charities big and small.

About the Founder

After studying at business school IAE in Bordeaux, 25-year-old Laure Babin embarked on the adventure of launching her own brand – and got the entire enterprise off the ground herself.

“Knowing how your shoes are made, and under which conditions – it changes everything.”


Zeta uses only vegan and PVC-free materials, with a preference for plant leathers such as grape leather. The brand also incorporates recycled plastic and cork into their designs. All materials derive from waste – nothing is produced specifically to be part of Zeta shoes.


All Zeta employees receive a living wage, and transparency in the supply chain is key for the brand.


Zeta produces their designs in Italy and Portugal, visiting their factories regularly – several times per year.


Every piece of Zeta packaging is made from recycled cardboard.


All materials used in Zeta designs are vegan – even their glues are made from recycled latex.

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