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Sustainability. Versatility. Transparency. These words we hear so often – and all for the right reasons. There‘s no doubt about it, we’re in a climate emergency. These words relate to everyday life and should be woven into the way in which we consume.

Why? Because our consumption directly affects our climate. In every decision we make we’re putting a foot forwards, or backwards, towards the turning of the tide. The time to act is now, and this is why.

By Sarah Netherway at Sūndar Swim

COVID has impacted us in many different ways; however, it has put the environmental breaks on – by early April daily global CO2 emissions had decreased by 17%, compared with the mean 2019 levels, just under half from changes in surface transport alone.

As we stay home, the environment has been taking respite – transport-related travel has dramatically dropped whilst bike sales have hit an all-time high. Isn’t it wonderful to see the smog in Delhi clearing, the canals of Venice welcoming back dolphins and hear birdsong on your morning walk?

However, as lockdowns start to lift and governments begin promoting (OVER) consumption with promotions and sales, we run the risk of returning to the same pre-COVID climate issues. We want to join together and stop this happening. We support shopping local where possible, but still have the same cars, the same industries, same houses and learned behaviours... so, as we move back towards normality, the risk of returning to where we were is relatively high.

It’s not all doom and gloom though! The air is cleaner than ever before, the skies and roads are calmer with less air and road traffic, and we’re getting to know our local communities to band together. If you’re reading this then we’re sure you’re already doing things that are helping the environment.

If you’re not commuting to work, you’re helping; if you’re shopping at your local supermarket, you’re helping; if you’re choosing a staycation over a holiday abroad, you’re helping. And by supporting companies that share this ethos then you’re helping!

Here are a few tips we follow at Sūndar Swim that we’d love to share with you:

  • Buy once, buy well.
  • Choose sustainably.
  • Enjoy versatility.
  • Demand transparency.

And at Sūndar Swim we practice what we educate:

  • Our swimwear material is sustainable.
  • All our sustainable swimwear is versatile.
  • Our company is transparent.


Our sustainable swimwear material is literally rubbish! It’s made from 100% regenerated nylon from ocean waste and landfill. We source ECONYL fabric as the quality is top notch (and super soft) – this is important to ensure our swimwear lasts the test of time (plus chlorine, salt water and periods too).

Our swimwear packaging is up-cycled and reusable, with tags created from old cardboard shipping boxes. The hygiene strip is from (compostable) recycled paper, gift bags are upcycled sari material, and the paper shipping bags are made from recycled paper – and they’re reusable for returns.


Our sustainable swimwear is versatile – you can reverse each piece (the double layer acts for warmth and protection from any period leaks) and match with other colours across the range. We have designed our swimwear to be timeless, choosing block colours and clean, flattering cuts. Wear to bathe, jump, dive, swim, run, sweat, practice yoga. And, guess what? You’ll still be keen on your swimsuits and bikinis next year, and all the summers (and winters) after that.

We spoke to yoga master Sophia Flex & Flow who took her Sūndar swimwear on a recent four-month trip around Asia, where she swam at any given opportunity, completed 200 hours of yoga practice (recovering from a fractured ankle too) and surfed every day. Sophia said “after doing a lot of research and navigating so much greenwashing, I came across Sūndar Swim. What I loved most was the practicality and versatility of each piece, as well as how flattering they are. I try to consume sustainably but sometimes that impacts style, yet because I can switch the colours and pieces I can switch up my style so easily! It also meant I didn’t have to over-pack as I technically had 4 looks with one bikini”.


We are transparent – ask us any questions, we’ll always answer with honesty. We promise to be an ethical swimwear brand, committed to sustainability and openness. What do we ask from you? That you question where your clothes are from, quiz companies, ensure they’re paying their factories and using sustainable materials. We’re in this together. Everything we do impacts our environment which impacts our health. Transparency from companies is what builds a true community through trust and worth. We know our worth. We know you know yours too.

Cover image by Sūndar Swim

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