Sūndar, which in Hindu stands for “beautiful and graceful”, was born on the shores of India, developed in the mountains of Nicaragua, and created on the island of Bali, using100% regenerated material from the oceans. Sundar Swim produces ethical swimwear with the values of protecting our planet and the all the living creatures within it. Designed for the everyday woman who shines in simplicity and thrives in the wild.


Tanya Netherway, a feminist and environmental activist, has a background in healthcare and international development. She is also a lover of the ocean. The brand encompasses Tanya's love of different cultures and languages, and the natural world that binds us all via the connecting rivers and oceans.

"Being a vegan brand is important to us. Harming our environment harms all living creatures within it. We refuse to impact it further by using any materials derived from animals."


After researching many options, Sundar's choice of material fell on ECONYL, a 100% regenerated nylon yarn derived from pre- and post-industrial waste, such as landfill and ocean waste. The quality of this material allowed for their swimwear to be reversible and to carry added UV protection.


Production takes place in Bali, Indonesia. Sundar ensures all fabric offcuts are reused. The shipment was made in one single delivery, without the use of single-use plastic.


The supply chain is kept to a minimum, as packaging is done in-house. Before starting production, Sundar visited their factory in Indonesia to ensure standards are met. They spoke to employees to find out more about the working conditions, which were found to be excellent. They have also studied local law to ensure that people in their supply chain were paid fairly, including overtime and food allowances.


All of Sundar's packaging is made from recycled or repurposed materials. The swimwear is wrapped in a drawstring bag made from offcuts from sari production in Goa. The brand sources these from a shop they were in touch with when the idea of Sundar was born. The bag is then wrapped in recycled paper that can be reused. The swim tags are made from old shipping boxes, and printed with vegan water-based ink.


Sundar is a 100% vegan brand.

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