Kamila Aubre designs and makes eco-luxe botanical fragrances made using 100% natural and vegan ingredients. Inspired by poetry, minimalism and slow living, these gorgeous, highly concentrated perfumes are made by hand in Belgium. Founder Kamila doesn't follow perfumery trends, instead blending her formulas based on her palette of senses.

Transparency and sustainability are the two essentials she blends into her in-house made scents. From her in-depth research into each raw material she uses, to the brand's minimalist packaging, she strives for the best for the planet and her customers.

Focusing both on the more popular Eau de Parfum and traditional but rare Extrait de Parfum concentrations, Kamila Aubre bridges both modern and classic methods of perfume application. Most of the ingredients used in the perfumes come from organic or wild harvests.

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