Founded by Saher, Lawful London provides ethical, minimal, practical essentials for the modern woman.

Whilst working in London as a young city lawyer, Saher recognised the need for affordable, practical handbags that reflected the demands of the fast-paced, versatile lifestyle experienced by like-minded women.

The search for a handbag that understood the accomplished woman, incorporated her needs and still reflected her individuality without compromising on ethics or quality led her to establish a brand which aspired to make the practical, beautiful.

From the designs, materials and craftsmanship, Lawful London’s minimalist, cruelty-free accessories encapsulate the compassion and elegance of their customer, the accomplished woman, whilst simultaneously providing thoughtful solutions for her daily needs.

By playing with timeless pieces and reworking conventional styles to enhance capability, Lawful London explores the fusion of fashion and functionality to introduce accessible, socially conscious handbags that support and empower modern women.

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