Women's Sustainable Vegan Shoes

It used to be that finding beautiful vegan shoes was nigh on impossible. Not anymore. From vegan heels to vegan flats; vegan sandals to vegan boots; casual vegan trainers, loafers and mules; to smart pumps and vegan dress shoes, dress sandals and evening shoes – we have the whole range of vegan shoes covered, and the best vegan shoes collection on the planet.

Our collection of vegan shoes includes vegan leather shoes made from sustainable vegan materials such as apple leather, cactus leathergrape leather, Pinatex pineapple leather, bio-based leather made from corn, and recycled materials. Our vegan and sustainable shoe brands include Will's Vegan Shoes, Minuit sur Terre, Allkind, Collection & Co, Good Guys Don't Wear Leather and Mireia Playa.

Explore our sustainable collections of vegan shoes and vegan bags to see our popular categories of vegan backpacks, vegan tote bags, vegan crossbodies, vegan trainers, vegan boots, vegan sandalsvegan flats, vegan heels, and vegan watches.

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What makes shoes vegan is that they are made without the use of any animal skin, such as leather or suede. Traditionally, vegan shoes are made from synthetic materials. Increasingly today, they are made using innovative and high-performing textiles derived from nature, with many of the properties of leather but none of the cruelty, and with a much lower environmental impact. These include leather made from apples, grapes, cork, mushrooms, cactus and pineapples.

Vegan shoes can be just as comfortable as non-vegan shoes; it all depends on the quality. We aim to sell only premium-quality vegan shoes.

Yes, vegan shoes last if they are properly cared for. The more modern plant-based vegan leather we offer, such as corn, cactus or apple leather are more durable and have a longer life expectancy than traditionally made synthetic leather, and therefore last longer.

Yes, vegan leather shoes stretch but the stretch depends on the vegan leather used; PU will stretch less than cow’s leather but newer plant-based vegan leathers behave much like their animal counterpart. Vegan shoes will also soften with wear.

Vegan leather can be water-resistant, although there are a wide range of different materials used in vegan shoes, so it will depend on the specific material ,as some react better to water than others. Some vegan leather shoes incorporate a thin synthetic waterproof membrane to help waterproof the vegan leather and give it more elasticity. 

Yes – however, this depends on the vegan leather used and how it is used. Old-school faux leather made of PVC isn't breathable, but we don’t sell any shoes made from virgin PVC. Polyurethane (PU) is much more breathable and plant-based leathers are generally better still. These innovative textiles can be very soft, like suede. What's more, they often have fine pores, making them more breathable and lightweight.  

Clean the upper material with a damp cloth. In the case of stubborn stains, you can scrub gently under running water using a soft brush.

We stock the largest range of sustainable vegan shoes online. Chose classic everyday vegan shoes from NAE, V.Gan, and Wills; check out our huge vegan trainer selection featuring brands like Ration.L, Corail and Humans Are Vain; and browse our pumps, sandals and slippers from labels such as Minuit Sur Terre, Allkind and Urbanima. 

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