YATAY creates shoes that embrace the environment, through innovation and ethical practices. They use components and materials that are highly sustainable, but without compromise in terms of quality. As it turns out, the answers are in what Mother Nature has to offer.

YATAY is loved and appreciated by celebrities like Benedict Cumberbatch, David Beckham, Brian May, Nick Jonas and Jessica Chastain.


YATAY use a bio leather, which they developed after two years of R&D. The main components of this are “bio-polyoils”, which are polymers extracted from cereal crops instead of crude oil. Their production releases fewer CO2 emissions and uses less water than traditional methods. This raw material is then combined with viscose obtained from tree pulp, and recycled polyester textile obtained from recycled bottles. YATAY's bio-leather is the first of its kind, with an 80% bio content certified from the USDA. It's also durable, waterproof, light, soft and resistant.

YATAY's lining material is a masterpiece of technology: it leaves your feet dry and fresh while caressing them with a silky softness. And it's obtained from tree pulp that's harvested from 100% sustainable plantations.

Look closely at any YATAY insole and you’ll notice tiny black flecks. That’s part of the recycled rubber they use. It adds resiliency, cushioning and comfort, and at the same time it helps the environment. Better for the planet, better for your feet.


Sustainability at YATAY is not only about the materials, but also about their provenance. Their sneakers are hand made by master shoemakers in the Italian region of Marche following time honoured traditions – handed down from generation to generation – and reinterpreted using modern technology. Wholly sourced in Italy, the quality of Yatay's materials and components is uncompromising whilst minimizing their carbon footprint.


Using sustainable materials is just one part of their ethical business approach. YATAY also strives to ensure their supply chain is as green as possible. Their main partner for material development and production – Coronet Spa – obtains its electric energy from solar panels mounted on the roof of their factory and adjacent land. The company has been a leader in the synthetic footwear industry for over 50 years now.


Packaging is often underestimated when it comes to optimising the impact of a product on the environment. However, YATAY has reinvented the cover of their packaging in a Backgammon board that customers can play with instead of throwing away. The dices are set in a bio-leather bag made with YATAY's vegan leather offcuts from the production process.

YATA are a PETA Approved brand.

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