Alkeme Atelier is an American brand founded in 2019 in New York. The inspiration for the brand comes from the ancient science of alchemy and the process of transforming and combining the four elements (earth, water, fire and air) to create something new.

The idea of breaking down and rebuilding materials has led the brand to produce handbags using sustainable, plant-based textiles. Alkeme Atelier use an innovative vegan leather that's exclusive to their brand. The base of the fabric is made up of 70% recycled materials, such as discarded clothing, and small, very fine fibres. Of the recycled materials, 40% is recycled post-consumer polyester, 18% is pre-consumer recycled polyester that is thrown away before use, and 12% is recycled wood fibre. The fabric is then coated with a high-grade oil.

Developed by advanced research, this signature vegan leather is responsibly engineered to outperform standard animal leather. While it has a similar appearance to animal leather, it is cleanable, longer lasting and almost one-third the weight of its animal counterpart. It's also scratch-resistant, high in strength and water-repellent, making it an immensely durable material.

Utilising mainly recycled textiles for their products helps Alkeme Atelier to minimise waste and reduce the amount of toxic gases released from garments that have been disposed of, and would otherwise end up in a landfill.

The brand is also pioneering materials such as pineapple fibre, cactus fibre and grape fibre for their vegan leathers, which not only helps to support these farming communities, but also reduces the amount of natural resources needed to manufacture their products.

The interior of each bag is also constructed with an eco-friendly textile. Recycled plastic bottles are transformed into a brand-new material which is used as the lining of each handbag.

And lastly, their dust bags are made of bamboo fibre. Bamboo fibre is made from naturally- grown bamboo, and as a fabric it is anti-bacterial, odour-free and 100% biodegradable. Produced in Global Recycled Standard certified factories.

Alkeme Atelier won the best brand award at Mipel in Milan (September 2019). The brand is PETA-Approved vegan and made in factories that are ISO 9001 certified and/or GRS certified.

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