It took us almost two years to arrive at what Drink Big is today. Hundreds of prototypes and mistakes later they are happy to release the product of their life: A bottle. Just a bottle.

After all, they knew they wouldn’t be the ones building a spaceship to mars nor changing the world. In fact, the Drink Big team is pretty sure that their impact will remain marginal. And it’s all fine. But the idea of making an ordinary product a fashionable object has always excited them to the highest level.

Finally, fashion could be at the service of our planet. No excuses now.

Manufacturing & Materials
Drink Big have always wanted to build a product that lasts, and it was pretty obvious to them that stainless steel would be the ideal material.

China was never a given, but since the raw material would be sourced in China anyway, they decided to overcome preconceived ideas. Eventually, they found a factory on a human scale with outstanding environmental and social standards.

Certifications: SMETA Ethical trade audit, BSCI Business & Social Compliance Initiative, SGS Standards

Raw material used: 95% stainless steel (inner 304, outer 201), 4.5% polypropylene and 0.5% recycled nylon.

Carbon Neutral
Drink Big teamed up with CO2Strategy and Graine de Vie – a Belgian NGO – to make an accurate calculation of the carbon footprint of their bottles and to offset their global CO2 consumption. Graine de Vie has set up reforestation programs in Madagascar and has already planted more than 20 million trees in 10 years. It provides a livelihood for more than 400 people in one of the poorest and most deforested countries in the world, and is also the world's second largest in terms of biodiversity.

Drink Big opted for light, functional and minimalistic packages meeting the main need – protecting the final product. All cardboard used is 100% recycled and made of recycled paper.