18 Sustainable Fashion Resolutions For A New Decade

This is the time of year when we all reflect on the year that's past, and set new goals and intentions for the year ahead.

We asked our favourite influencers and brands what their fashion resolutions are for the year ahead – we hope these help inspire some of yours!

Sruti, @l.o.v.e_and_b.l.o.s.s.o.m.s, www.loveandblossoms.fashion

Shop only from sustainable and ethical brands! Completely rethink my wardrobe and invest in pieces I can wear forever. Build a classic wardrobe full of must-have fashion staples from compassionate brands that really think about our planet, the people and of course the animals. 

As we all know, there is a dark side to fast fashion, and each of us can make a difference by choosing what we buy and where we buy it from. Isn’t that so powerful? That with our money and our choices we can change so much in the world. I hope this inspires others to make the change. 

Helga Douglas, Founder of Svala

Inspired by Livia Firth’s #30wears campaign, my sustainable fashion resolution for 2020 and beyond is to only buy a piece of clothing if I know I will wear it more than 30 times. I am also excited about discovering and supporting more sustainable and ethically made, cruelty-free brands.

It is so exciting to see all of the advancements in the last decade, and the movement towards eco-friendly and cruelty-free fashion. I am looking forward to a new decade of even more positive change!

Nataly Elbaz Björklund, @natalyelbaz, www.literallynataly.com

I want to continue wearing what is already in my closet and investigate different ways to spice up my wardrobe without having to purchase newly produced pieces. By loaning clothes, buying second-hand, up-cycled pieces, or pieces made using dead-stock fabric.

This year I will also be slowly shrinking my wardrobe to only pieces which I absolutely love and get the most wear out of!

Giovanna Sessi-Knott, Founder of The Morphbag

My 2020 New Year’s resolution is to replace ‘convenient’ with ‘conscious’ and apply this to logistics (opting to walk rather than drive, take the train rather than the airplane) and shopping (opting for the local store vs online shopping/mail orders, choosing seasonal and local food vs. imported).

Additionally, I resolve to give my beauty regime an overhaul and to explore ethical brands when I run out of the products I am currently using.

In terms of clothes shopping, I resolve to make the most out of what I already own and opt to make alterations or repairs rather than buy new. In cases this is not possible, then I resolve to only shop if I know I will get at least ‘100 wears’ out of an item. Happy Immaculate 2020 everyone!

Marta Canga, @martacanga, www.martacanga.com

The first thing I resolve to do in 2020 is to only buy second-hand clothing and to only purchase new if absolutely necessary. I have been thoroughly enjoying purchasing in charity shops and I have found this so much fun!

The second thing I resolve to do this year is, albeit counter-intuitively, to do a big closet dehaul in a bid to clear my wardrobe from things that deserve more love. By either swapping them with friends and family, I intend to fill my life with things that "spark joy" and have a vegan and sustainable wardrobe I adore.

Gwendoline Lémeret, Founder of GURU mtp

For this new year, I want to spend more time talking to people and trying to convince them to buy less, buy more ethically and local.

Changing our consumption habits takes time, but we no longer have the possibility of closing our eyes to the climate imbalance, catastrophic working conditions for adults and children, and animal slavery and death — both in the food and the fashion industry.

It’s time for everyone to understand the true costs of their desires. And the power we have to change the game, all together.

Noa, @style.withasmile, www.stylewithasmile.co

To connect all the dots that are important to me –  and simply to do my best to be better, and make better choices every single day. Not only better fashion choices, but better sustainability/ conscious efforts, being a better person and a better friend, helping more, choosing better in every aspect of life and just to keep learning as I go and enjoy the journey. 

My fashion resolution is to dive even deeper into vegan fashion innovations that are ethically made and better for our planet, researching more on a deeper level, and introducing more information and vegan, fair and eco-alternatives to people through my blog. The more we learn the better it gets, for the animals, for humans and for our planet.

Jessica Kruger, Founder of LUXTRA

In 2020 I'm going to "shop" my existing wardrobe by putting effort in to styling pieces I already have in new ways. Try new outfit combinations. I mean – I bought all the pieces in there, so they must all be things that I like, right?

I'm kicking this off today by wearing a long black dress that I love but never seem to wear. I'm going to put a polo neck underneath to make the deep plunging neckline a little more daytime friendly!

Beatrice Turner, The Fair Edit, @beatriceturner, www.thefairedit.com

My fashion resolution for 2020 is to explore vegan fashion more thoroughly. I want to better understand the benefits of not wearing clothes from animal sources and how fashionable they can be. I also want to continue to build a clever and stylish wardrobe with secondhand and vintage pieces.

Elizabeth Thomas James, Founder of Taylor + Thomas

For this new decade, I resolve to shop better and shop less, to take (more) time to consider what I am purchasing. Will I wear it for years to come? Will it last for years to come? Is the brand vegan / sustainable / ethical in its practices? Do I really need it?  ;)

Such purchases may cost a little more, but it is worth it!  

Tania, @sustainablystylish

My Fashion Resolution is to keep elevating ways for consumers to make better choices. By showcasing my love for thrifting and vintage for both myself and my new baby. Also working with brands that are sustainable, innovative and affordable.

But my biggest resolution is continuing to make my baby's fashion sustainable!

Saher Bhatti, Founder of Lawful London

As fast fashion and consumerism grow, I am committed to purchasing classic, timeless pieces that reflect my personal style and love for contemporary fashion, from brands that are focused on durability, ethical craftmanship and sustainable supply chains.

Rather than being influenced solely by style and current trends, my future purchasing decisions will be determined by ethics, quality and transparency.

Darya, @ethicalandeasy

My resolution for the new year is to shop less, and only when needed; but to also invest in timeless pieces. I'm really looking forward to discovering innovative methods of production and share them with my followers through my platforms. I truly believe that in 2020 vegan, ethical and fair fashion will become more popular and accessible. 

Nicky Roughan, Founder of The Natural Edition

I resolve to stay focused with building my ultimate capsule wardrobe. This means investing only in pieces that are timeless, premium quality, and perfect in fit, buying what suits me and my body shape rather than buying into trends. I am working towards an ultimate capsule as I have found getting dressed easier and effortless with a coherent wardrobe.

I also resolve to only buy from brands that align with my values, and where ethics and sustainability are at the core of the business (rather than just a small selection of products or something for the future). Finally, I resolve to look after my wardrobe and repair rather than throw away.


Livia van Heerde, @liviavanherde

I want to continue building my capsule wardrobe so that I make the most use out of my clothing and make getting ready in the morning as easy as possible.

I want to take the pieces I already own but don’t fit me perfectly and get them tailored so that I will love wearing them.

Sara Lewis & Hannah Oliver, Co-CEOs of On Good Authority

This year, the positive change we are making is not to buy any new occasion wear. Instead we'll explore the rapidly emerging rental market, hiring outfits for any formal events we have in the diary. So far this includes three weddings throughout the summer. We are really excited to see where this takes us and will be sharing our stories on our feed.

Holly Rose, @hollyrose.eco

To buy nothing new unless it comes from a completely regenerstive supply chain.

Ania Mróz-Pacula, MD at FERRON 

As an individual, sometimes it can be difficult to understand the difference our little swaps in life can make on a global scale, and their positive impact in the world. I believe that setting new goals for 2020 can help change our habits and help us live more sustainably, where possible.

In 2020 I resolve to shop second-hand where possible, totally opt out from fast fashion brands, and invest in designer and sustainably made pieces that will serve me for years! I also pledge to fix my wardrobe items, and instead of throwing out my favourite holey shoes, I’ll take them to a cobbler; and I’ll see if my local dry-cleaners offers repairs or alterations for worn, damaged or ill-fitting clothes.

Together, we can change the world. 

Cover image by Ava Sol on Unsplash

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