Taylor + Thomas is a female-founded, sustainable, cruelty-free, luxury women’s shoe line that is designed in Los Angeles and hand-crafted in Italy. Launched in 2017 by Jessica Taylor Mead and Elizabeth Thomas James, their mission is to create luxury footwear that's better for the planet, the animals and your wardrobe.

Founders Jessica Taylor Mead and Elizabeth Thomas James met in a footwear design class, and the connection was kismet. Not only do they share a common ground on personal styling, but they both recognised the need for the fashion industry to adopt more sustainable and cruelty-free practices. From the carbon emissions, water pollution, and waste production, to the treatment of animals and exploitation of the labour force – they knew they wanted to move above and beyond the fashion industry’s status quo.

Taylor + Thomas brings revolutionary ideas and aesthetics to the luxury footwear industry by bridging conscious consumption with elevated taste.  Sourcing materials that utilize water molecules, yellow dent (or corn), castor beans, recycled rubber, and FSC-certified wood, Jessica and Elizabeth are working to redefine luxury to mean quality, craftsmanship, and ethics.

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