Created for the hectic lifestyle of the contemporary fashion lover, The Morphbag is an innovative three-in-one vegan handbag set. The clever and luxurious design includes a reversible tote big enough to carry a laptop, textbooks or shopping, plus a crossbody bag and wallet clutch with a handy wrist strap.

Described by Eluxe Magazine as ‘The only handbag you will need in your wardrobe’ (when awarding them their Best Slow Fashion Brand award in 2020) and featured in Cosmopolitan as ‘Best Travel Bag', this versatile set offers four styles and can be used in 14 different ways. They've also been awarded Best Ethical Fashion Brand 2021 by Eluxa Magazine.

The Morphbag by GSK is the every-day handbag reinvented with added versatility. This set of colour-coordinated accessories is easy to adapt to the seasons, your wardrobe and your lifestyle. This unique set is sustainable in its DNA thanks to its versatile concept for use and styling as well as being ethical and sustainably produced.

About the Founder

Creative Director and designer Giovanna Sessi-Knott is Italian and based in London, UK. Giovanna was raised in a fashion-industry family and grew up with an innate predilection for style. Prior to the launch of The Morphbag by GSK, Giovanna had a successful international career with a renowned London-based interior design firm.

As a working mother, Giovanna always felt challenged with the limitations of choosing a traditional everyday bag. Inspired by her own experiences of work and travel, Giovanna set out to redefine everyday accessories to create a set of three sustainable handbags, with particular attention to durability.

“I believe that it is totally unnecessary to use hide leather for handbags - not only for the negative environmental impact but also in terms of quality and look. The Morphbag's mission is to lower the carbon footprint of livestock farming and contribute to a more sustainable future - with no compromise to quality or style.”


The bags are crafted from a luxury polyurethane leather – which has been proven to have a smaller environmental impact than animal leather - that has been coated and textured to obtain the same pebble grain as cow leather. The lining in the cross-body bag is made from recycled water bottles. PU leather has a reduced environmental impact in production than hide leather. The Morphbag is also working with The Conscious Fashion Campaign, making the UN's Sustainable Development Goals key in their business plan.


Giovanna herself regularly audits the company's factory in Guangzhou, Northern China, to ensure human rights standards are ensured. The factory is also regularly audited by verification and inspection company SGS. Business practices, working conditions and safety of labour, fair wages and working hours are monitored throughout the production process.


Committed to minimising their environmental impact, The Morphbag have partnered with OneTreePlanted and its Amazon Rainforest Reforestation project – the brand plants three trees for every Morphbag order. As the Amazon rainforest is one of the areas that suffer the most due to the negative ecological impacts of cattle farming, the brand treasures the opportunity to restore this part of the Earth that has been badly damaged by the leather trade. The brand is also in the process of moving their production to the UK to minimise their carbon footprint.


All packaging used is made from recycled paper and cardboard – each material is personally chosen by Giovanna.


Dedicated to creating a planet-friendly, cruelty-free alternative to leather, the brand is PETA-Approved Vegan.

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