Corail is a contemporary sneaker brand with a difference: instead of polluting our oceans, their products actually make them cleaner! Since 2019, the brand has employed a crew of fishermen in Marseille, who go out to sea every day to collect the plastic rubbish floating on the surface. This is then taken to the Corail lab to turn into their fashion-forward vegan sneakers.

Available in a wide range of colour swatches – and accompanied by a collection of sleek everyday backpacks – this is one new brand you'll want to know about.

About the Founders
Corail's story begins with a friendship. Long-time friends Alexis Troccaz and Paul Guedj were on holiday in Marseille when they came face to face with a sea that was very different from the one on the postcards: far from glittering blue waves, this sea was littered with rubbish.

This shock of seeing the reality of plastic pollution up close was the catalyst for the two friends, who had always had their sights set on an eco-friendly business venture. They quit their jobs and took action to get their new brand going. As big sneaker fans, they came up with the idea to create designs made from recycled plastic from the ocean.

“We promised each other that one day we would set up a business with a positive ecological


At Corail, the process starts with bottles. Since 2019, the brand has employed a crew of fishermen in Marseille, who go out to sea every day to collect the plastic waste floating on the surface. They harvest the rubbish with a trawl that collects all surface materials, which are then taken to the Corail lab – a workshop where the bottles are produced in an ultra-short circuit.

Aside from their fully recycled sneakers (from the outer to the insole and outsole, recycled materials are used in every step
of the way), Corail also produces bags which incorporate plastic waste, recycled polyester, solvent- free waterproof patinas, and zips made from recyclable metal.


Corail uses an artisanal workshop near Porto, Portugal, which has been making shoes by hand for generations. Providing high-quality finishes as well as robust and durable assembly, the workshop's expertise is a guarantee of quality.

The workshop operates the best possible conditions, respecting Portuguese and European laws regarding wages and the working environment.


All of Corail's packaging is recycled and recyclable, and the brand keeps packaging to a minimum.

Corail is a vegan brand.

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