5 Reasons to Pack a Peshtemal For Summer 2021

Finally after what feels like months and months of waiting, the sun has graced us with her presence and a full ‘unlock’ is on the horizon, which means we can at last gather and celebrate the simple pleasures of a hug and sharing time with loved ones.

By Rachel Ward, Founder of Lüks Linen

It also the time of year when the Peshtemal (or Hamam towel as you may know it) really comes into its own. Extolling the virtues of these beautiful traditional towels, woven by master weavers in the textile heartlands of Turkey is a simple task – peshtemals are so versatile and are without question the hero product at Lüks.

Here are just 5 reasons you might want to consider a peshtemal this summer.

    1. Size is Everything

    The average peshtemal is around the size of a bath sheet (around 95 x 180 cm) but it folds down small… really small, which means it takes up minimal space in your beach bag or picnic hamper where you can use it as a blanket, or as a towel in your bathroom or gym bag.

    2. Once you go flat, you won’t go back

    Peshtemals are flat woven, which can sometimes be a leap from traditional loop and pile towels. Whilst the latter holds onto everything (water, sand and musty smells) the peshtemal wipes water off you rather than soaking it up, which makes it super quick-drying.

    3. So much more than a towel

    Besides its obvious and original function, peshtemals can be used for a myriad of purposes both in and out of the home. They are great as a scarf, wrap or sarong. Peshtemals can be used as baby blankets or airplane throws (when we are allowed) and even as table linen, where they can add a little luxury for alfresco dining.

    4. Earth Kind

    Lüks peshtemals are woven using traditional, centuries-old methods (often by hand) and natural OEKO Tex or GOTS certified cotton. The dyes we use are reactive, so they require lower setting temperatures and less mordants (that’s salt to you and me). The dye and the water used in the dyeing process can also be recycled and reused. As peshtemals don’t hold onto moisture, they also require less laundering than traditional towels and, with the right love and care, can last a lifetime.

    5. 20 year repair or replace guarantee

    All Lüks peshtemals come with a 20 year repair or replace guarantee. It was an easy decision to make based simply to encourage love and care, and to demonstrate the quality of the craftsmanship.

    So if peshtemals sounds like your bag, then take a look at our fabulous peshtemal range at Immaculate Vegan (where they sit beautifully alongside our blankets, lounge gowns, scarves and cushion covers). Go on…you might just love them.

    Cover image by Lüks Linen

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