This brand manufactures in the EU. As a result of EU/UK free trade agreements, there are no import duties on delivery to the UK or to any EU country. US customers do not pay any import duties on orders below $800.

Eloquere's mission is to empower women to embody their best selves, all while contributing positively to the well-being of our planet. Crafting timeless designs from high-performance vegan materials, this brand's ethos is garments that are made to last.


Petroula Christou was an actor, with a career on stage and in front of the camera before moving into screenwriting. But getting involved with fashion woke her up to the truth behind animal abuse in the industry, which led her to start a brand with a clear mission: to make fashion cruelty-free. Today, Petroula is inspired by music, art and cinema to create timeless fashion for a greener planet.

“The main pillars on which Eloquere was founded are: creativity, love for animals and nature and, of course, a passion for style.”


Eloquere works with apple leather as well as vegan suede made from recycled materials, and is entirely free from PVC. Most of the brand's materials are sourced from Italy, and all have third-party certifications such as ISO.


The production process takes place in Latvia. The brand operates with a sustainability policy which entails limiting energy and water consumption, minimising waste and reducing emissions. Energy-efficient lighting and machinery is a priority when working with suppliers, as well as reusing waste material to avoid sending it to landfill.


The brand guarantees fair wages, safe working conditions and opportunities for professional development, as well as reasonable working hours in accordance with local laws. A secure and healthy working environment is provided, and the brand is also in constant dialogue with suppliers about positive working conditions.


The packaging is minimal and appropriately sized for the product so that no excess material is left over. Priority is given to eco-friendly and recycled packaging materials, and consumers are encouraged to use the biodegradable packaging should they wish to return the product.


Eloquere is a 100% vegan brand.

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