Willa Phoenix offers luxurious shoes and accessories free from animal-derived materials. From sky-high stilettos to after-dark clutch bags, this is the go-to brand for ethical glamour. 


After Abby Barroll Brown went vegetarian, she aimed to overhaul her entire lifestyle, from wardrobe to cosmetics, to make it more planet-friendly. She came across a stumbling block: shoes. To elevate the image of vegan and sustainable fashion as truly stylish and offer alternatives to women like herself, she created Willa Phoenix.

“I created Willa Phoenix to show people high-end style and social awareness can absolutely walk hand in hand.”


Willa Phoenix is a PVC-free brand. The soles of their shoes are made from a 50% breathable rubber and the brand is also free from heavy metals and toxic substances.


The brand works with a factory in Italy that is fully compliant with laws when it comes to working conditions, wages, and safety.


The manufacturer behind Willa Phoenix' designs is a small collective of artisans, technicians and craftspeople in Italy who for three generations have embraced the art of shoemaking. The brand has chosen to keep production in Italy despite the higher cost, to be able to ensure ethical production.


Willa Phoenix products come in a 100% raw cotton dust bag, and are shipped in boxes made from recycled carton.


The brand is 100% vegan, with assurance from their suppliers.

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