Gentleberg is an Amsterdam-based shoe brand that is founded on the belief that

Gentleberg is an Amsterdam-based shoe brand that is founded on the belief that veganism is not solely a diet but a way of living. They are dedicated to creating a much-needed selection of elegant, long-lasting vegan shoes for men.

About the Founder

Matthijs Berg was on the hunt for classic dress shoes to complement a suit when he discovered that appropriate vegan alternatives were scarce – and what was available wasn't really up to scratch. So he took matters into his own hands and created his own shoe label. With no prior experience of the footwear industry but armed with lots of passion, he set to research and build up his new label.

“We are on a mission to make the world a better place; free of unnecessary harm.”


In Gentleberg's first collection, the main materials are soft and breathable high-quality polyurethane microfibres which are also water-resistant. The outsoles of the brand's Casual Friday Sneakers are made from eco rubber which is up to 70% recycled, 100% recyclable and vegan. For upcoming collections, the brand is looking towards plant-based leathers, possibly mixed with recycled materials.


Gentleberg only works with European factories to ensure compliance with European standards when it comes to workers' rights.


All of Gentleberg's shoes are made in small family-owned factories in Portugal.


Orders are shipped in 100% plant-based mailers made out of corn. The double adhesive strip makes reuse possible if an order has to be returned. The boxes also have a minimalist design that saves on the use of ink.


As a vegetarian, Matthijs considered giving up leather – but there were no options for men's shoes. This is how Gentleberg was born, out of the founder's own need and desire to stop contributing to the cruel and environmentally damaging animal agriculture industry.

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