British brand Allkind was launched in March 2020 after defining a gap in the market for luxurious, high-quality vegan footwear that doesn't compromise style. Allkind’s purpose is to offer beautiful and desirable vegan footwear free from animal derivates, with a core focus around ethical and sustainable production. The brand has been featured in Tatler, Harper's Bazaar, GLAMOUR, the Daily Telegraph, the Evening Standard, Marie Claire, Stella Magazine, Vanity Fair, Hello!, and more.

About the Founders

Kate Barrett and Hayley McCardle are fierce environmentalists who noticed that vegan shoes were often not entirely vegan – glues and other components could still derive from animals. So together, they set out to create a brand that truly celebrated their conscious values.

“We offer designer luxury shoes, free from harm to animals and kinder to the environment. We make timeless fashion goods free from animal ingredients, without compromising on style. Our values aim to make you proud to own our products, and allow you to wear them with a clear conscience.”


Allkind only ever uses vegan materials – from the uppers and linings of our shoes down to the glues, every part of the shoe is animal-free. The brand also chooses recycled materials wherever possible, including recycled polyester derived from plastic bottles and/or bio-oils from non-GMO corn crops. These materials are also water-based and solvent-free, minimising their environmental impact.

Other fibres used by the brand include recycled rubber and organic cotton. They are aware that there is no perfect solution to fashion's impact on the environment, but they are working hard to improve their eco credentials even further.


Ethical sourcing is at the core of the Allkind brand – their sweatshop-free products are made in the EU in a fair-trade environment governed by European union employment and health and safety regulations. The label very carefully selects their supply partners - they only work with a small number of like-minded factories and individuals.

The highly skilled individuals who work in Allkind's partner factory are paid a fair living wage – more than a minimum wage. They also enjoy a safe and clean working environment. Allkind is a member of Sedex, one of the world’s leading ethical trade service providers, whose aim is to improve working conditions in global supply chains, aiding companies in improving their responsible and sustainable business practices. 


Allkind's shoes are made in Elda, a traditional shoe-making town in Spain. The brand also uses many local materials, thus minimising their carbon footprint.


All of the brand's packaging is 100% recyclable and printed using vegetable inks. The company prioritises recycled and recyclable options where possible, and even their business cards are made from recycled t-shirts. The inner supports that keep the shoes pristine are also made from recycled materials – not plastic as is the norm.


Kate and Hayley believe that choosing not to take part in animal agriculture shouldn't mean that you have to give up luxury. Dedicated to breaking this myth, they aim to offer a fully vegan choice – without compromising on glamour.

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